1. lubeband:

    come get punk with us!


  2. crunchandclean:

    Swingin muh hair with the pride @softlions 💫

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  3. buddybanter:

    FEB 19th @sodabarsd with @RingoDeathstarr Mark your calendar! This show is gonna be RAD! #BUDDYBANTER


  4. travelersclubsd:

    San Diego Warehouse Takeover.
    The Travelers Club x 8th & G x SUAV.
    February 22nd, 2191 Main St. 92113.

    RSVP here for guaranteed entry.

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  7. softlions:

    Photo from our show at @sodabarsd with @thisisfrankierose (at Soda Bar)

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  8. d3ath-star:

    Friends, followers, anyone.

    I plan on going to the La Dispute// Pianos Become The Teeth show in Pomona on 3/26, I’m looking for other people going from the San Diego area to come with me or let me come with them? I don’t want to drive alone:( I will love you so much and I promise I’m not a creep or anything! Message me if you’d come with me or let me go with you, I’ll put in gas money and probably fucking make you cookies haha please!


  9. Been on a bit of a hiatus getting the KCR blog up and running. Show dumps will be back soon. Just gotta fight the good college radio fight for a little while longer. 


  10. sdhumans:

    “Is it our clashing that got your attention?” (lady on left)

    Lady on right is Gayle Skidmore, a musician